Version: 3.0

How to create a new Duck?

Thinking about how to organize our actions, reducers and types, we decided to use Duck Modular Redux due to the creation of a compact file with everything we need to work with redux.

To create a new duck, you need to stay at the root of the project and enter this command in your terminal:

neutron add:duck <duckName>

Usage command example

neutron add:duck tools

After the execution, this command will create a new file in ./src/store/ducks.


/* #FILE: ./src/store/ducks/tools.js */
import { createReducer, createActions } from 'reduxsauce';
import Immutable from 'seamless-immutable';
/* Types & Action Creators */
const { Types, Creators } = createActions({
getToolsRequest: [],
getToolsSuccess: ['data'],
getToolsFailure: [],
export const ToolsTypes = Types;
export default Creators;
/* Initial State */
export const INITIAL_STATE = Immutable({
loading: false,
data: [],
error: false,
/* Reducers */
const getToolsRequest = (state) => state.merge({
loading: true,
const getToolsSuccess = (state, { data }) => state.merge({
loading: false,
error: false,
const getToolsFailure = (state) => state.merge({
error: true,
loading: false,
/* Reducers to types */
export const reducer = createReducer(INITIAL_STATE, {
[Types.GET_TOOLS_REQUEST]: getToolsRequest,
[Types.GET_TOOLS_SUCCESS]: getToolsSuccess,
[Types.GET_TOOLS_FAILURE]: getToolsFailure,

Combine Reducers

This step is very important to combine your reducers with a unique reducer called rootReducer.


/* #FILE: ./src/store/ducks/index.js */
import { combineReducers } from 'redux';
import { reducer as tools } from './tools';
const reducers = combineReducers({
default: () => [], // => remove this
export default reducers;

This setting is required to configure the reducer in store and you can check the creation of store in ./src/store/index.js. All the settings are already made especially for you!